Magna Mano + RopieeeXL will not play Hi Rez on I2S

Hello All – I posted this problem under the problem section but some folks there suggested this would be better placed here.

I purchased a used Magna Mano (Raspberry PI 3 based) a week or two ago and have been trying to get it working with Ropieee and Roon using I2S output ever since. The manufacturer of the Mano says it should play up to 192 files on I2S. The Mano is connected to a Denafrips Terminator DAC and the I2S is configured correctly, using the PS Audio-type configuration for I2S over HDMI. The Mano plays correctly and up to DSD64 if I enable and use the USB connection.

With the Mano as endpoint it will not play files that are over 48/24 with I2S. When I try to play a higher rez file, the only sound thru the speakers are click or pop noises. However if I set my MacBook Pro as endpoint, music plays fine.

When the problem occurs, on my Roon Remote (my MacBook Pro), it shows as if the music is playing, and I can click on the path button and it will show the music path. On the DAC it also shows as if music is playing, displaying (if I am trying to play a 96k/24bit file for instance) the correct lights: “I2S”; “48K” and “2X”. If I play a 96k/24bit file with playback set to 48K in device settings the Roon path shows 192 coming in and being converted to 48K and the system will play music, but with hiccups. The hiccups seem to go away after 5 or so minutes of play.

Ropieee is set to the HAT setting recommended by the manufacturer, which is HiFiBerry Pro +. I have reflashed the SD card for Ropieee and tried different SD cards. On the browser window into Ropieee all the settings look OK. The Magna Mano shows up under Roon “Audio” as it should and under device settings it selects for 192khz as it should. The router is an up to date and fast Linksys WT32X. I have tried various network configurations, with a switch, with all equipment situated with the router and hooked directly to the router, CAT 6/7 wired or optical. I have tested all cables with a RJ45 tester. I have reinstalled CORE software, reset CORE settings. I have run CORE on its usual Roon-approved NUC and on my MacBook Pro and the problem is the same.

At this point it seems to me it all points to the Mano and/or Ropieee as being the problem. But if I am wrong please tell me. I am close to sending the Mano back to the manufacturer for a fix. I would hate to waste time and money doing that if Mano/Ropiee is NOT the problem!

I thank you for any help you can offer. – Rob

Hi Robert. I have a Magna Mano and had a similar problem, although I didn’t associate it with Hi-Rez necessarily. I changed the “Target volume level” in Roon to 25LUVS and I’ve only had the problem once in about 3 months. I’ve noticed that when the volume levelling is around -4db I can still get the crackling. Auto levelling is mostly around -16db on my setup so it’s hardly ever a problem. I think it might have something to do with the Mano’s output level but don’t know enough about levels when it comes to digital connections. The Mano is a great streamer so I hope you can get the problem sorted. You could always use coax but I bought the Mano so I could use the I2s output, it sounds awesome when working correctly. Good luck!