Magna Mano setup

I have had the Mano in my system for a year, control via iPhone with iPeng, I’m in the trial time period with Roon to check it out. Magna sent me the Roon micro card to insert into the Mano.

I have the Mano connected directly to my router and have a Windows laptop loaded with the Roon software and have also loaded the Roon software on my iPad. Tidal has been added to Roon and I can control/play music on both the laptop and the iPad.

But I can’t seem to figure out how to connect the Mano to the devices for playback on my audio system.

Please advise, thanks.

I assume the Magna is attached by Ethernet cable to the network, and, that there is a DAC plugged into it. Also, verify that there is not a setting you have to enable on the Mano.

IN Roon, under Settings, go to Audio and it should appear under networking. If not, then, first turn off the firewall on the laptop and see if it shows up. If it is there, make sure you enable it, give it a name, and then choose it as the output zone.

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Thanks for the info. I disabled the firewall and now working.

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Great to hear!

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