Magnifying glass in Now Playing

I could have sworn that there was a search icon in the top right hand corner of the Now Playing full screen view. It seems to have disappeared.

Could we get it back please?

And if I’m mistaken and it wasn’t there in the first release of 1.6, could we get it anyway?


I would like that too. I would like to be enable searching from any page (except settings ofcourse)

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This belongs to the change back to “Now playing” being an overlay.
I also likes it better with “Now playing” being a normal screen, not an overlay.

  • direct access to search
  • direct access to main menu
  • can go back to screen with back button

But these is a minor issue. Over all, I love the 1.6 version and the new “now playing” screen

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I prefer it the way the iOS app displays Now Playing. I guess this is the non-overlay. Please bring it back on thick clients.

I would love search on the now playing screen as well.

I agree. It would be helpful

Same for me!

I saw this subject title and thought it was a real magnifying glass for reading the fine print on the album cover and back page, thought that was a brilliant idea,

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Win10 has a built-in magniyfing glass and if I’m not mistaken there’s at least one cross platform magnifying glass on sourceforge. Not sure about mobile devices.

Yes, but that can only magnify the on-screen pixels. To really read the fine print, we need an intelligent magnifying glass that goes back to the original image.

Would be cool, but I admit there are perhaps other priorities…