Main albums don't show!

Just updated to the latest version. For some artists, their albums no longer show on the artist page. Funny thing is, tracks from these albums appear under the “popular” section, and if you click on those it takes you to the album. See screenshot.

Did you select Discography, I see Overview on the top of your screen



@geoB I don’t have discography. Isn’t that just for streaming services?

Ahh that makes sense, yes I have Tidal & Qobuz and forget others may see things differently, I hope Roon clears this up.

At least you have enough Albums to see some of them. :wink:

Choosing the View Recordings shows sometimes the Tracks from the hidden Albums.

Same here. There is no Main Albums section on the artist page, but if you search for albums by that artist there are plenty.

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Same thing for me. Artists page is missing many albums from my library. But when I search those albums specifically they come up. What a disaster. Roon is unusable like this.

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Same problem. I’ve identified a single artist that is missing their ‘album’ & ‘single/EPs’ sections. I can’t seem to work out what differentiates this artist from others.

The other albums show up fine on the ‘my library’ section in the footer of a release page for that artist. Tracks from those albums appear in the ‘popular tracks’ section too.

Sorry for the trouble here, folks. Our QA team is looking into this and we’ll be sure to follow up as soon as we have more info.

Just to confirm, for everyone seeing this, do you have any streaming services enabled?

@Dylan I don’t have any streaming services enabled.

@Dylan Only local library, no streaming services.

I have Tidal but albums for some artists that are not in Tidal are not shown.

Tracks are shown from those albums… (but in future, please allow us (with setting) to remove popular tracks from artist page)

The same problem, there are no streaming services, but many artists ’ albums are not visible, although they are in the media library.

I hope this is fixed soon. It makes me not want to use Roon. I shouldnt have to search for every album it should be under the proper artist.

Same issue here, only using local library. Every Roon update seems to introduce more critical errors like this. Bring back 1.7 please.

Similar issue and yes I have streaming services. Albums do not show up consistently in artist drilldowns or discography links. Almost have to search for a specific album to find it. I mean, isn’t this what your product is being sold to do?!

I had Tidal, but because Roon choose Tidal Recordings over my local files i canceled my Tidal subscription.

Problem still exists in build 783. I’d hate to be in the Roon QA team this last month.

Just upgraded to build 783 and I see no change. Same artist as before has no Main albums section.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as our team continues to investigate this issue! I met with the team this morning to discuss the current status of this investigation and our next steps on this issue.

Our team is hoping that anyone seeing this issue can provide the following information:

  • Confirm whether or not this is happening with all artists, or only certain ones? Can you share a screenshot of a working artist and a non-working artist?
  • For any artist where you are seeing this, can you confirm if there have been any edits to the artist or any of the albums that are not showing up?
  • For an artist that this is occurring on, can you share a screenshot of the Focus section opened? Does anything show here?
  • If you go to Settings > General, is Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to Yes or No?

Thanks again for the patience, folks! Our team is hard at work on this and any of the above information will be a huge help for us.