Main Albums split into two sections? [Answered]

DLet’s use Led Zeppeling as an example here.
I have this problem with several artists.

For testing purposes, I’m using only Tidal and no local music.

When I enter Led Zeppelins artist page I can see 8 “Main Albums”:

Scrolling down a little bit I can see 22 “Main Albums”:

I first ran Roon server on my linux server. Stopped Roon, deleted the cache, started Roon. Same problem.

I then ran Roon directly from my HTPC in Windows 10. Same problem. I have even reinstalled Roon and deleted all configuration files.

Why does Roon do this?
I really want to have all albums from an artist easily available in one place, and not two different sections…

Thank you!

The first ‘Main albums’ displays the albums that are present in your library (physically on your server or added from Tidal using the ‘Add to library’ button).

The second ‘Main albums’ has a little Tidal logo in front of it. It shows all ‘main’ albums that are available in Tidal, but not added to your Library.

Ohh, those were added from Tidal when I created a few collections in Roon. It’s all good now! Thank you for the quick help. :slight_smile:

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Can’t we have an option to see ALL the albums of an certain artist/band in ONE VIEW regardless if it is in my library, Tidal or that just exist via metadata (ie. not in Tidal due to licensing etc) ?

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Hi @jan_jernvall,

The distinction on the page is only made for Tidal albums that have not been added to the Roon library.
Once added these albums will be displayed seamlessly with the locally stored albums.

Do you have a Tidal subscription? If so try it out and you soon get a feel for how it works.

Just re-read your post, and I think I have misinterpreted it … so ignore the above.
You could put your request in the Feature Request section of the forum, Roon will then see how much traction is gathers.