Main Artist option - feature request

Currently, all featured artists are displayed in the artist view. I feel that for Jazz especially it would be useful to have an option to only display the albums under a “main artist”. For example, Sun Ra played under a variety of names: Sun Ra, Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra, Sun Ra Arkestra, etc… Same with Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and many others.

It would help to have the option of displaying all under the main artist (Sun Ra in my example).

Also, in some cases, we may not want to display at all the secondary artist performing on an album, and that should be a choice - IMO.


I have exactly this request also - I would like to group the various permutations of a band or artist together. Ideally, they would show as the “main” artist on the artist page, which when clicked on gives the “sub” artists or bands to choose from. Having all the various permutations showing separately on the artist page is cumbersome and unnecessary when you’re browsing through artists.

This is maybe part of a bigger issue which I have raised on other threads - the ability to allow the user to “group” together items of their own choosing. For me, this is primarily in relation to compilation albums, such as a compilation series with many volumes - although they have been released as separate items and not as a box set, I would like to group these items together in the album view - when clicking on that item it would then expand into all the sub-items. This would make browsing and scrolling much easier and more economical.