Mains - the second best upgrade

This kind of a change is essentially impossible to blind test though…
So the fact you spent some pounds might have a psychological effect on your perception of the result.
If it made you happy, worth it for sure!

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Linked this to my previous post for reference.

Has anyone tried Greenwave dirty electricity filters in their environment? Or any EMI filters?

This is related to the EMI meter referenced previously and the very high readings I was getting in my Living Room where my entertainment system resides.

My media closet has an isolated separately grounded 20amp circuit for most of the equipment but the subs have to use the LR circuit.

I had all the 60 year old receptacles and switches replaced, with additions, and new wiring during an ongoing remodel but the main line could not be replaced at this time. Limited attic space to replace the main line and it is just to hot here in Texas to ask someone to get up there to do it. Will get to that at a later date when its cold outside. For now, the new receptacles helped but the meter still reads high. In addition, I had the electricians add 6 surface mounted Led lights in the ceiling with additional wiring for that on the same circuit. I was very surprised to find the meter jumped up another 200 points when the lights were turned off. Apparently the new additional wiring in the ceiling was acting as some kind of antenna when the power to the lights was off.

I decided to try the Greenwave filters to see if that helped the situation. Ordered a starter set from Amazon, $140.00 for 4 filters. The effect was surprising. Plugged the meter in at the last receptacle on the line. It was reading between 400 to 500 with the lights on and over 600 with the lights off. Plugged the filer into the first receptacle on the other side of the room and the meter reading dropped to 30. The reading next to the filter fluctuated between 7 to 10. Again with one filter in the first receptacle but after the light switch.

The line in the master bedroom was also reading very high. I mention that because my wife was having a very hard time sleeping through the night and usually ended up in a recliner in another room. Added one of the filters in the bedroom with the same effect to the meter. Another surprise now that my wife can sleep in there through the night. Apparently the EMI was affecting her but not me, guess my head is just to hard to penetrate.

Have no idea what this mean for or against the equipment but the filters clean up the power line.

Any sound difference?

Can’t say yet.

Had the LR down to studs and concrete starting in March for a soundproofing remodel. Did most of the work myself so it took awhile but have a crew here now doing tape, float, texture and paint. Should be ready to put the system back together by this weekend. Then I’ll know how it sounds. The noticeable difference for the electrical will be the absence of hum from the subs, with and without the filters. That could also be from the tedious routing of the sub cables through the walls and ceiling spaces as far from the electrical lines as possible.

I can only hope.


Sounds like you’ve done plenty of good work - keep us posted on the green wave devices please

That’s a pretty bold statement. I’ve seen a lot of shoddy power supplies in expensive gear. But a well designed power supply should filter the power line crud very effectively.

I’ll make a similar bold statement: If a power line filter makes a difference, then the power supplies in your gear sucks, and you should fix them or get rid of them.


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Great, I don’t use any