Maintain individual endpoints while part of group

Hi all

I’d like to see the possibility of playback to individual endpoints, while maintaining the previously created group of endpoints.

At the moment, if you wish to play to an endpoint, which was previously assigned to a group, you need to Unmourt that particular endpoint from the group. Or am I missing something ? :slight_smile:

I often overcome this by muting endpoints in the group, in order not to dissolve the group and having to create it again the next time, I wish to play to all endpoints at once.

Best wishes


I think I requested similar in the past - a way to save groups. In fact, a simple ‘zone and group’ manager would be ideal. Dissolving and recreating groups also means you lose their names which is a bit annoying. Would be nice to be able to transfer from a group back to single zone etc.


Yes Steve, exactly :slight_smile:

+1 for being able to stream to the individual endpoints without having to un-group. (Like Chromecast groups)

Would be great. (After radio/shuffle are fixed, not meaning to hijack the thread)