Maintain Top Level Genres but Have Roon Sub Level


I’ve had a look through the forum but I can’t find the answer to my question so here goes.

When I import my track from my iTunes library I would like Roon to analyse and provide its own intelligence re sub genres, but I want it to keep my own top level genres intact. I only have maybe 10, carefully tagged genres in iTunes that I want to carry over, but I would like to use Roon sub genres to help me with artist discovery etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you mapped your genres to Roon’s?

Settings > Library > Genre Mappings

If you only have 10, I would recommend searching for them, and then from the Genre page, editing them to be top level.

This can be done by:

  • Press Edit on the Genre page
  • Check off Edit under “Parent Genre”
  • Click “Choose Genre”
  • Click “Make Top Level Genre”
  • Save

Mapping is really for genres from your file tags that you don’t want to see in Roon.

For example, maybe you’ve been tagging albums for a decade as “Bebop” but now in Roon you see that Roon’s comparable genre is actually called “Bop”.

By mapping your file tag genre to Roon’s genre, all the Bop/Bebop albums end up in the same genre.

Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t really getting how that worked, in part because most of my (relatively few) genres map pretty exactly to Roon’s top-level ones.

Thanks Mike, this sounds like a good solution.

What do I do with top level genres, such as Holiday, that I want to push down from top level but also keep all of the tags that Roon found?