Maintenance of the Nucleus

Hey @Beka,

Meanwhile I received the Nucleus back with a replaced SSD disk and everything works fine now. :laughing:
I have some supplementary questions about the use of the Nucleus and more specific the maintenance:

  1. Is it a good idea to shut down and restart the Nucleus on regular bases for example every 2 weeks (with the shutdown button on Roon labs software)?
  2. Is there a difference between the shutdown via Roon labs and the hardware shutdown on the Nucleus (proper software shutdown)?
  3. Can a power failure damage the SSD, or a hardware shutdown via the power button?
  4. If it’s useful to shutdown and restart the Nucleus from time to time why not provide an scheduling in the maintenance options of Roon?

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I’m clearly not Beka, but I think I can take a run at your questions.

  1. You shouldn’t need to reboot except when a new image/upgrade requires it. It would be a memory leak and a bad thing™ otherwise.

  2. A quick press of the physical button or a click on the shutdown within the GUI should work to cleanly shutdown. The process (command) should be identical. Just where you click moves.

  3. Yes, losing power and/or a sudden spike can do bad things™ to hardware. A UPS(battery backup) and line conditioner are very handy.

  4. You should not need to reboot frequently. there are methods to do so at the OS level if needed, but a proper fix would always be the ideal.

Hope that answers your questions. Enjoy the music.

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Thanks for the explanations

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