Maintenance release please

Please can we get a maintenance release for the potential fixes to Roon server created by last production release and put ARCs new features into another. We have plenty of users needing a fix and we are having to wait because of extra ARC features. Surely fixing issues that are disrupting customers experience should be expedited over adding new features?

I avoid EA as I am not the only user of Roon in my household and it’s a pain to manage them all and move back when it’s released.


I’d like to see this, too. I’m having daily issues.

I was at the tail end of the last rolling release cycle. Unless there’s a maintenance with either a fast rolling cycle or a one-shot deployment, I don’t think I’ll see any improvement until next year.

Given the approach of the holidays, it seems that the focus should be on getting the system back to an improved state of health with new features postponed until after the New Year.

Please consider this.

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You are not alone

So please consider it - PLEASE


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Thanks for the new maintenance release. Much appreciated. Hope it helps those having issues.


It looks like they listened… Kudos to the Roon team!

Edit: spoke too soon! The released 2.0.26 does not fix the Roon Remote issued I am having since 1 1/2 months.

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Thank you for today’s release. Based on timing it was clearly in the pipeline prior to this thread. I appreciate you prioritizing it!

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Thank you very much.


New EA release? Haven’t received it yet…

No main releae

Oh, I was confused cause it was posted in EA…

I was asking for them to release a maintenance fix for the current issues users had, as they were in EA but they need to release them and not hold up because the ARC stuff isnt ready. They have done so. Not all of us want to risk EA or its just not suitable given our usage. FIxes should imo be priorotised over new features.


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