Major problems trying to move Roon Core from one computer to another

Roon Core Machine

Dell XPS laptop
Windows 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

AT&T BGW210 Router
Wifi, ethernet available if I choose.

Connected Audio Devices

Sonnet Hermes Roon-ready streamer connected to Sonnet Morpheus DAC via I2S ethernet cable.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Things seem to have gone from bad to worse.

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 hoping to run Roon on it instead of the Dell XPS laptop I’m using now, as it would be a lot more convenient. I had hoped to move my Roon Core to the Samsung but that turned out to be, as far as I can tell, impossible. The only software available (that I can find, anyway) is Roon Remote which depends on a different computer to run the core. So then I figured, OK, I can switch to my desktop computer which is on pretty much all the time to run Roon Core and use the Samsung tablet as a remote for actually listening to music through Qobuz, which is my streaming service of choice. (My streamer requires that this be done through the Roon platform, otherwise I’d connect to Qobuz directly).

I followed the steps given in Roon’s support database, but here is where things went horribly wrong:
Did the backup as described, then tried to migrate the data to the desktop as instructed (via a USB memory device), signed in as requested, but got a “problem loading library” error message and could not get any further. Went back to the laptop to try to repeat the process in case I missed something along the way, but now it thinks the desktop is my Roon Core and I can’t sign into Roon on the laptop either. So I’m locked out of both computers.

BTW, the USB memory stick seems to have emptied the data in the Roon backup folder when it dumped it to my desktop, so I can’t even restore a backup on either machine now. OK, probably my fault for not backing up the backup.

So yeah, I need some help here! Will I ever be able to get back in without buying another subscription? I sure hope so…

Thanks for any assistance any of you can provide.

You can’t as you figured out. Tablets and phones can only be used as remotes. The Core must run on Windows, Mac, or Linux, or it can be a NUC mini PC with ROCK or a Nucleus.

@Howard_Kadis, one possible approach would be to turn off your desktop computer so as not to have it broadcast on your network. Then go back to your laptop and re-authorize that computer to be your Core (there should be an option to do so when Roon starts). At that point, if your laptop becomes your Core (temporarily), we will need to check some of the settings, including what version of Roon is running as your Core, and to backup the laptop Core again.

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With one subscription you can still run as many Cores as you want. You just can only use one at a time. When it “it thinks the desktop is my Roon Core and I can’t sign into Roon on the laptop”, there should be an “Unauthorize” button. Click this and it should sign you out from Roon on the desktop and then you should be able to sign in on the laptop.

EDIT: However, it may now use the same database on both machines, which is not good. So it’s better to do what @Robert_F wrote and turn off the desktop temporarily and follow Robert’s instructions


Thanks for the helpful advice and suggestions. In the end it really was just the simple matter of de-authorizing on the laptop and enabling the desktop as the Roon core. Now everything’s working exactly as expected, including the tabet. Whew! That was quite the learning curve!


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