Major Qobuz fail with new database

Well, today I got a new SSD and attached it to my Synology for use as the database location.

Although I had run a backup of my database, I decided to start from scratch since I’ve not been a long time Roon user and my library is quite small. I now have my database on the external drive and the file analysis has completed.

The problem is, although Qobuz comes up instantly in Roon, I get a ‘playback was interrupted because a track failed to load’ error, followed by ‘too many failures stopping playback.’

This happens on every single Qobuz track I play. The info about the tracks loads up almost instantly, and Qobuz plays fine in the Qobuz app.

Network is robust and extremely fast, and no other changes have been made to Roon.

Has anyone every seen this before? Qobuz has been rendered entirely unusable, unfortunately.


EDIT Just want to add that all local files, regardless of resolution, as well as internet radio play absolutely flawless through Roon. It is just Qobuz, and it is failing 100% of the time.

I rebooted the Synology and the issue seems to have gone away. Sorry, folks. New here.

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