Major Roon Failure Tonight

Hi @mike @vova

I’m afraid to say I’ve had a major Roon failure tonight.

Was playing an album, all of a sudden the music stopped and the Album was deleted.

It then appeared that the majority of my Albums had also been deleted.

Roon then started to reload the albums / tracks but for the albums that were deleted I’ve lost all my Tag Labels and all my Album edits {personal Genre labels and Tags).

Then Roon quit.

Restarted it and said because of a software update Roon was reloading my music which may take longer than normal.

This has now finished.

As you can imagine I’m pretty annoyed I’ve lost all my personal edits I’ve spent along time creating.

Hope this can be sorted a.s.a.p.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Looking into this further it appears it’s Tidal Albums that are affected not my Local Files.

Oh and I’ve also lost all my play counts, not that that 's a big problem.


Hey @timlumley – was just responding to your PM.

I’ll pick this up there, but I can tell you were aware of an issue affecting the Tidal API that Roon uses. It sounds pretty close to what you’re describing and only happens when there are significant numbers of favorites tied to your Tidal account.

Tidal has let us know that they’re working on this, and I can confirm that’s what’s happened here once I get some logs. I’ll follow up on that via PM.

Talk to you soon, and sorry for the trouble!

Also it appears the tracks from Albums that were deleted had been removed from Playlists.

This gets better and better!


Thanks @mike

It’s 00:20 hear in the UK, so just retiring for the night.

I’ll pick this up in the morning.

Thanks again.


My pleasure Tim. Talk to you soon, and we’ll get this worked out.


To be clear, did Roon delete your TIDAL albums or albums you own?

Most but not all Tidal Albums.

My Albums seem to be ok as far as I can see!

So, this is an issue that is limited to TIDAL albums.

As far as I’m aware.

See @mike reply above as he indicates that they were aware of some issues with the Tidal API that Roon uses.

This morning I lost 1500 Tidal albums that I had added to my library. One moment they were there then poof they were gone!

Any suggestions?


Hi @Thomas_Newell

Same happened to me all of a sudden the album I was listening to deleted itself together with the majority of my other Tidal Albums.

When this happened to you did they immediately start to reload themselves as that is what happened to me. I now have them all back, as far as I can see.

Hopefully @mike will pick this up and give you some help. If not send him a message. He’s very responsive and came back to within minutes of me posting a message.

When you do message him include as much information as possible about your set up including your system information.

I’ve sent a Log File to them and they are looking into the problem and hopefully solve it, fingers crossed!


I reported this problem almost 2 months ago in a support PM, and as @mike already has posted it happens if you have a significant numbers of favorites (I have about 9000).

My Tidal favorites is disappearing by itself in Roon almost every time I’m using Roon and has been doing so for about 2 months now.

Nope didn’t start reloading . They just vanished. I have tried logging and out of Tidal. Seems to be working fine.


I’ll be damned, all the Tidal albums just re-populated in my library.


Yes @mike did mention about the Favorite situation.

Incidentally I removed most of my Favorites only the other day and started again so I don’t have as many now as I did a few days ago.

Strangely, I lost all my Playlist Labels about 2 weeks ago which the guys at Roon are looking into as well.


So you’ve now got your Tidal Albums back which is what happened to me.

Have you lost all your Play Counts, Tag and Playlist Labels or have they appeared as well?