Make a new tab or "expand" button to show all album in artist page

On the Artist page, we can view an artist’s albums and singles.

If we want to see more singles, we have to click on a “>” button to scroll through them.
However, even if we do this, it is not possible to show all the singles in the same screen at once.

▼ For example.

Maybe someone will say : You can check out discography.
But discography doesn’t show different versions of the same album at the same time.

As a collector, it is not uncommon to have two covers of an album.
(and usually one or two different songs are included)
[Episode 1 Edition] Mirai Yohou Hallelujah!/Tiny Stars / Liella! [Episode 1 Edition] | LACM-24141 - VGMdb
[Episode 3 Edition] Mirai Yohou Hallelujah!/Tiny Stars / Liella! [Episode 3 Edition] | LACM-24142 - VGMdb
The third song in the collection is different.
But in discography, they are different versions of the same album.

And here are some of my thoughts:

Method 1 : Maybe a new Tab could be added and have more rich features than discography.
Filters could be kept, multiple versions could be displayed, custom layouts could be created, and even notes could be written and edited for categorization.

▼ Method 1 example.

Method 2 :
Improve the display below

▼ Method 2 example.
(This image has been post-produced)

Also, we need to consider what to do if we have multiple sampling rates for the same album.
In the case of Method 1, we can add a new attribute for each album that represents whether or not it is hidden in this view.
If it’s Method 2, there may not be a better way to do this at the moment.

It must be a great joy to be able to enjoy the works in your collection as if you were looking at a gallery.

Welcome to discuss.

The previous Roon was down, so I reset the Roon a little.

I found out one thing: The Layout is because I linked to tidal.

When there is no binding, the interface looks like this

So it’s tidal’s recommendation list that caused the single album column to be compressed into horizontal scrolling.

Is it possible to set it to turn off tidal recommendations? Or keep the button to scroll down.

I’m a little disappointed that there’s no official answer.