Make Album Art Pictures Size Adjustable

When viewing album art on an ipad remote, the pics come up in a set size. There seems no way of adjusting this. On basically every other ipad app, I can enlarge the pictures with a touch. But Roon ipad does not seem to have this functionality. Is there a reason for this?

One VERY good reason to change this, is that when the pics include text, it is often extremely difficult to read, because the set picture size makes it so small. And I have quite good eyes! :wink:

As adjustable size seems to be default for every other app, I wouldn’t think it should be so hard to fix this?



Is there any likely change in this functionality?


I was just wishing for this when trying to read type on album artwork on an iPad. It would be great to be able to zoom it, in fact it’s expected when viewing images - especially for tablets and mobile devices. I kind of can’t believe it’s not been implemented yet.

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@support any news on this?

Probably not going to change. The apps are .net and mono not native on iOS.

Hello @ajl,

Thanks for your interest here! I mentioned your request to the technical team, but there’s no news on this feature at this time, this is a feature request.

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