Make Custom Tag Focus compatible with the new "Match All/Match Any" Logic

It was changed to “Match All” starting with 1.8 and has reverted to “Match Any” as of the latest update. We would like both.

Please and thank you.


This is really a bug, not a feature request. Look at this:

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Agreed. I nearly have whiplash from Room putting things in and taking them out, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Once a function is in, can’t it just stay in? Can’t Roon add without subtracting? Why Boolean options on some tags but not others?

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Agreed, this is a bug.

This is how I see it working in my head…I guess I see the lack of that option as a missing feature…



Exactly so! I like your suggestion.

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I’ve been away for a few days, has this been addressed at all?

No, I am not aware that this would have been at least acknowledged by Roon support…