Make imported playlists editable, allow sync'ing of Tidal & Qobuz playlists, simple Apple Watch app (play/pause, forward/back)

That’s it - all in the title. Know I’m not the first to ask for these but now that I’ve bought a lifetime membership I’ve put my money where my mouth is and would hope to see these oft-requested features added very soon…


Hi, did you got any answer from roon?

(Hi, I am new user with a 1 year membership at the moment. I am hifi enthusiast an I like the
features of roon very much. I am traveling a lot and as roon is not designed for take away, for me
the feature of synchronising Tidal playlists ist absolutely necessary. Not having this feature could be a
reason for me, not to prolong my membership.
I am not the first to ask for this. It possible within Bluesound, so what is the difficulty?
Please do it!
Regards form Berlin,)

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I personally like the idea of under my playlists being able to not only edit them within there lists but one thing that I find very useful in the Innuos Sense app is you have most played playlists along with recent tracks played which is great and very useful. I appreciate you can edit by track length, date or modified which has zero use to me personally but I’m sure good for other users