Make into Option - play remaining songs from here (instead of in the queue)

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Now that this feature has been implemented and is always enabled I must say that it really bugs me. Could it please be made into an option that can be disabled in settings?

Sorry I don’t follow you, it is not always enabled … One has to press the new button to action it. All the existing functionality is still as it was.

@Carl l, I suspect he is talking about play lists not tracks from an album. I did test it and it us true if you chose to play one song on a Playlist it will.add the rest of yhe playlist. I don’t know what the expected result should be to either consider this a feature request or a bug.

Possibly … however the quoted text said

[quote=“Christiaan, post:1, topic:3561”]
select a track on an album
[/quote]not playlist. @Christiaan could you clarify please.

I’ve just looked at the play list functionality:
Play options are:
Play Playlist - Adds the whole list
Clicking one track, then plays from that track to end of playlist.
Right Clicking one track, then plays - play just this track
Right Clicking one track, then other tracks plays - play the selected tracks

That seems to cover all the bases, but this behaviour (workflow) is different to when selecting tracks from albums.
I guess the big question is should it be. I can see why this might be … but consistence is king.
Now that we have the “Play From Here” button on albums I think that having both “Play” and “Play From Here” buttons on playlist should be consider to help align and simplify the workflow.

@danny @mike one for you guys to consider

Sorry for the confusion guys, I meant when clicking from the “now playing” Queue. Here I would like to have the option not to see this popup window, and just select default behaviour in settings.