Make it clearer how Roon works on Website

Hi I think the guide about how Roon works needs to be more prominent on the splash page for the site. There seems to be a lot of new users or people sampling Roon that miss this and thus have no idea how it all works creating more support threads here and on other sites. Yes it is there if look further down. But perhaps it’s needs explaining a bit sooner or just make it clearer on the splash page without having to jump to another link. It seems currently that a lot don’t realise you need a computer to run the core.


I agree things might be clearer. But I’m confused by your statement regarding needing to run on a separate computer. One can do this, but not required. One can run everything on the same computer, even feeding its sound card for audio. That’s what I do at the office, all on my windows desktop.

I suspect we sometimes turn people off of Roon when they start thinking that they need separate computer, RAAT endpoints, new DAC etc. all those things are nice, but not required.

Some think the endpoint is enough to run Roon as its RoonReady. That’s what I meant, I could have worded it better. Now edited.

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