Make it possible to edit multiple Artists simultaneously?

In the Album and Track browsers it is possible to select multiple entries and apply edits simultaneously to the selected items.

However, in the Artist browser, selecting multiple entries does not bring up the Edit function, but the “Merge Artists” function. The Edit function is only available when a single artist is selected.

I’ve used the Focus function in the Artist browser to display all those artists where Roon does not know if the artist is an individual or a group. Because I can’t select multiple entries, I have to edit 150 artists individually instead of doing just two edit operations on the two selections: unknown -> Individual and unknown -> Group.

OK, I realise that it’s a one-off hassle, but it seems to me that the hassle would be markedly reduced if we could edit multiple artists at once.


I’d like to raise this issue once again. With the genres occasionally being a bit off, it’s very much a usability issue to be able to edit multiple artists at once. We only need to edit items which are shared such as genre or a few others. This would be very handy and somewhat easy to implement.