Make it so users can define Roon's Tags in the underlying files [Implemented in Roon 1.7]

afaik, you can add the tag to your files too. :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

G’Morning Folks,

I recently tried to get more comfy with Tags in Roon.

Now I ran into a question which hopefully can be solved!

I tagged some of my music with mood and occasions and because roon has no “Field” or “Menu” for Mood I wanted to add these to tags.

Do I have to go he workaround and create a m3u playlist for every mood and occasion I have and add the the this way or is there a way to automaticaly read the ID3 field and convert it to Tag?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This has been a long-standing request for inclusion in Roon:

While it’s true that Roon Labs has made Roon aware of a wider range of ID3 tags over time, this particular feature hasn’t made it into a release as yet. We know that there’s a major release in the pipeline - when it finally lands, perhaps it would be worthwhile reading the release notes to see if this request has made it this time around.

Congratulatons @evand !

An excellent suggestion and one that is now a part of Roon.

The Shawarma Lover lover himself, @James_I, has been talking about this one for a while too.

Let us know what you think, James! :raised_hands:

Will do and congrats on the new release!


Yes this will allow users to bulk add their own Mood tags, for example!

It’s alive! :dove:

I still love Roon and do lurk in the forums.

However, I got desperately sick of how the incredibly rude “Roon is not for you if you’re not one of us” cult takes over any conversation where someone has an issue or wants a feature.

I used to enjoy posting in the forums but the culture has become quite a bit more toxic and so I only posted so as not to be rude to the nice Roon folks who called me out with the new release addressing some of the things I wanted, which I greatly appreciate.


Before the topic closes, I feel like the knowledgebase article could be a bit more helpful on how to set multiple tags. I figured out myself that it’s obviously possible to set multiple values with ID3 2.4, which was possible before for genres as well, and that the standard delimiter for multiple values on one field seems to be “;”. However I can’t seem to find an option to change this (as with genres for example) and neither is the standard delimiter mentioned.

Here is a related question: do tags on an album exist at that exact object level, or do they truly attach to the album? By that I mean if I have multiple versions of an album (which Roon recognizes as duplicates), does the tag apply to the album and all duplicates or just the specific album I am viewing when I tag it?

From my tests it seems like only the standard delimiters are supported - no customization like for genres. This seems to be a follow-up feature request – a pity that customizing delimiters wasn’t part of the original request. :wink:

Just the album so tagged, as different versions of the album are actually different source documents.

This feature could partly be a workaround for the problem I have for a long time with Roon’s filter function, if only it wouldn’t mess with the custom import date (based on file date instead of import date) of my original collection.

So now the search for an external tagger that doesn’t mess with my file dates (along the lines if exif taggers that don’t mess up y’r jpeg dates) begins. Any tips?

I’m sure there’s an option to preserve in mp3tag.

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