Make lyric font bigger (im getting old :))?

Hi all…i won’t like to admit it but im getting old…:slight_smile: its getting harder to see the lyrics (the non scrolling ones) when sitting at PC…

Is there really no way to adjust the font on them (something like the big scrolling lyrics font)

thx a bunch


The only workaround I can think of is in a post of mine here.
Hope it works for your needs too.

thx @Marin_Weigel !

that’s a cool tip but it seems not to change the actual show now playing view that i want the fonts to be bigger :slight_smile:

really wonder what’s the rationale for having the scrolling lyrics nice and big and the static ones small, without offering any minimal user option for us “getting older” people :smiley:



Of course not, as I said its a

and in the linked post I also said

But yeah, some Roon interface customization options should be in order, so let’s make that a feature request, right !?

Amen. (From another Boomer…)

Hey @zeltak_b,

Thanks for bringing this up! We appreciate you letting us know what would make your Roon experience even better.

I’m sorry we’re replying this late - it’s taking us longer than we had hoped to reply to everyone :pleading_face:

I’ve moved this thread into the Feature Request category so it gets the attention it needs :slightly_smiling_face:

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