Make navigation easier

I have over 110,000 tracks, 4000 artists-- a BIG collection. It is MUCH easier to navigate to what I want to listen to using the squeezeboxserver system. I listen to classical music almost exclusively.

  1. Allow the user to turn off images. Who knows what Taneyev looks like, or even what his first name is? I list of artist names is much easier to navigate.
  2. Although you allow us to sort by last name, you display the artist names as first_last. I go to great trouble to enter all my artists as last, first, and this is how they should be displayed. No one know the first names of obscure classical composers, and putting them before the last name makes the list much harder to navigate.
  3. You add too many other metadata to my collection. I need to be able to choose which tags are to be indexed (artist and Album Artist). I get 5 listings for Tchaikovsky on your app.
  4. In vertical mode on my tablet, the scroll and alphabetical ABC are blocked:
  5. I have no idea what “Production” means (one of my Tchaikovsky listings). And for Russian, you confuse things even more using uncommon English spellings
    And it lists just 2 albums, when I have at least 40.
  6. Put the google mic on your search box on Android so I can search by voice. Especially useful when the keyboard does not appear.
  7. Often, you list every track instead of by album. with 100k+ tracks, this is hopeless.
    Each act of Swan Lake is NOT a composition. This list should be albums!

In general IMHO, Roon is setup to please non-classical music listeners with smaller collections. Please make it a lot easier to find things.

Sergey, and he looked like this:

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You can look under Credits to see exactly what credit is classified under Production. My guess is something like Transcription. Personally, I delete these types of credits – confusing to me.

You are likely looking at the artist AS PERFORMER. Click on the COMPOSER icon and you will see your 40 albums:

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You may get answers or workarounds but it helps Roon (and others) if you specify what tablet you are using. For example, on my iPad, The ABC and scroll are clearly shown on the bottom.

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This isn’t clear (to me). I assume you have five Tchaikovskys listed as artists. This may be due to misspellings or incongruence between your data and the DB Roon uses.

The easy way to get rid of duplicates is to select the offending entries and choose Merge Artists (top right). You’ll get a chance to choose the surviving Tchaikovsky. And, this action can be undone.

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Good suggestion. You might want to repost this separately as a feature request.

Well, you can certainly do that, but this practice runs contrary to how Roon behaves. This quote is from the Roon KB for Best File Tagging Practices:

One thing worth noting is that Roon will attempt to match up names that you have put into your file tags with Roon database versions of the same individuals who are associated with identified content in your library. You’ll get much better results if you stick with the likes of the following:

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky
  • Paul McCartney
  • Richard Rodgers; Oscar Hammerstein II

than if you use:

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein

Swan Lake is in of itself a composition, so you are correct (although there are two compositions named “Swan Lake”: a ballet, and an orchestral suite.) However you are incorrect about the list should be albums. Your picture is of the compositions page.

Here is how the composition page for Tchaikovsky should look (YRMV):

Click on any composition, and you will go to the page where different performances are listed.

The “Act 1” and “Act 2” entries are the result of incomplete or inaccurate tags. They need amending such that Roon can correctly identify the tracks as belonging to a composition called “Swan Lake”, not “Act 1 or 2”.

I make use of Allmusic’s canonical names, and Roon’s WORK and PART tags, to correctly identify compositions. So you have some editing work ahead of you.

Hope these help.

Its an LG V495 running android 5.0.2

Agree. And even better approach is to put the “first name last name” in artist, albumartist, or composer tags and then put ‘last name, first name’ in the artistsort, albumartistsort, or composersort tags.

But when I select an artist, I want a list of albums, not a list of compositions. Classical music tags can often be very long, and are limited to 256 characters (displayed) on my Squeezebox, so adding “Swan Lake” is redundant when I also display the album title.
I cannot edit 120,000 tracks! I need a way of managing Roon’s indexer. What are the WORK and PART tags?
Thus far, the BluOS app makes it MUCH easier to find things than Roon.

Again, searching through a long list of full names is much harder than searching through a list of last names. Users should have a choice of the display.

and when you click on an artist, you get
These seem much easier to me. I cannot see why everyone loves Roon…

I guess for a start most users aren’t mainly classical devotees and don’t have such large libraries. You are already a double edge case as a user.
If you have a set way of working and tagging that is at odds with the roon default then this will also be difficult.
Roon are re-doing the classical experience after a lot of feedback such as yours. You might be better off by skipping a few months until whenever the next major release surfaces and see if it is a better fit.

If you haven’t found the Focus feature, you might give that a try. In album view, Focus on the Composer of your choice, and albums will appear with at least one of the composer’s work.

WORK and PART are two Roon tags: WORK for composition name, PART for movement name. While not essential to use, they eliminate ambiguity. Most taggers can handle such custom tags.

I haven’t tried BlueOS. Sounds like that’s the streamer for you.