Make Roon Interface Mac-Like

This may be too-tall of an order but I really miss the subtle performance differences that Mac Apps have over apps that run on Macs. Just to name a few:

  1. Movable windows
  2. Windows that persist unless closed
  3. Drag and drop
  4. Contextual menus
  5. On screen contextual help
  6. Consistency of point-and-click actions
  7. Consistent keyboard defaults (OK = enter, e.g.)

Perhaps it isn’t possible with the chosen platform, but … dare to dream!

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… across platforms probably stands against that wish. I like it that roon behaves and looks almost the same on my Android tablet as it does on the Mac.

Well, I think I’m gonna lose this one, but I had to try. You have a good point. I have to remember those that chose inferior platforms. :rofl:

Just kidding.