Make Roon more user friendly when editing

I’m starting on Roon and I’m trying to update the information of the different records.
There are a number of things that Roon could do to improve user’s experience.

Copy text: it is impossible to select text on Roon’s screens, which is useful to avoid having to copy.

Moving the screen: when we are in the editing screen of a recording, it is impossible to move the pop up screen, which prevents from reading what is behind it, especially the titles and other information of the albums.

Credits: it should be possible to delete them all at once. I have many recordings with hundreds of credits, including dozens of composers who have nothing to do with the recording.

On the other hand I find in the genres of radio sites, is it possible to delete them?

here are already some simple improvements that would make the application "user friendly

It would be nice if we could use the mouse return function

same thing, it would be nice and faster to have the names of the composters classified by name, first name

I’ve encountered several of the points raised (moving the editing screen & copying & pasting text, for example, I often have to go back to the finder to copy & paste an album title into the box because I can’t simply drag over the album title that’s right next to it in the edit window).

I would also add: When I type in the name of an artist & it doesn’t exist in the database I get the “create artist” option. I have learned to copy & paste the name I’ve typed into the search box because Roon doesn’t automatically take that into the next window when I select “create artist”.

Word of advice
Don’t edit files in Roon
Change the actual files
If your Roon data base crashes as mine has x2 everything you changed will be have to be redone

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To thomas: This happened to me once (in one week using Roon) because of an update. Since then I make a regular backup.
I also modified the source database because Roon, for clever!(?) replaced Bach with Johann Michael Bach.
There is also one thing that Roon imposes: the credits. I have very few in my database and Roon can create more than 300 with composers who have no connection with the work.
I would like when I select a composer to find all his recordings, which is not the case because of the credits that are imposed either at the level of the work, or the piece or the composition!