Make roon play local music files w/o internet access

Here we go. Please give us back this basic feature. Advanced search functionality may be deactivated in this case - that would be ok.

Yes, I would like a better way of handling this issue, just like it was done in the previous version which was handled pretty well.


I’ll +1 this even though I can’t remember the last time my own internet went down for any length of time. Generally speaking there should always be some sort of fallback for such an event. Even if in this case it’s merely to allow a raw search of the local file/folder file system and file/folder names, a la File Explorer.

At least have a rudimentary fallback to be able to manually navigate to and play a song/album when the internet’s down. There is no good reason not to be able to do that for local files accessible on one’s LAN.


Many of Roon’s customers are on less that highly reliable ISPs (many of which hold regional monopolies, so switching providers is not an option) and loss of access to our local library is quite a hardship. Using the 1.8 Legacy option to circumvent this “feature” of 2.0 is untenable given the inherent future uncertainty of legacy-ware.

So, please make Roon 2.0 work without internet – as 1.8 did (until at least it had to phone home for verification).

(h/t @mikeb for the suggestion)


Forgetting for a moment this “always online” issue I’d like to emphasize that the roon team provided us with a great tool. Being honest - we are all aliens and freaks. The mainstream is streaming (the cheaper the better). We’re freaks and roon provided us the freak tool for audiophile aliens. I hope the issue will be fixed as they have done in the past.


Yeah, the 2.0 release was stellar, so it’s sad that for certain users and usage patterns it is stained by this

I vote +1 for this as well.

When I started my journey with Roon, 2016 I think, I was specifically looking for an elegant way to manage and listen to my own music. I don’t have a huge library; about 1500 CDs and SACDs and another 500 purchased hi-res audio albums. But I like to collect, as I think many here do. Collecting means having my stuff. Streaming is a nice convenience, but in a marketplace filled with streaming as a first option, cloud-based access, etc., Roon singularly provided a great, in-house solution while I built an amazing stereo listening room around Roon Core, and quickly became a lifetime subscriber (over 5 years now). I listen throughout the house, and luxuriate in the listening room.

I’m in Colorado, multiple times a year I’ve spent at least a weekend day without internet service. Without internet to browse, watch, or waste time, there is not a better time to listen to my music. When I’m away at the mountain cabin for a week or two to write or recharge, I specifically do not have internet. I’ve built a sound system there, grab the NUC, and head west. Heaven.

Now this is not an option. I got no warning that one of my systems is in constant jeopardy (internet outages) and one is dead in the water (cabin).

Staying on an unsupported (after 12/2022), legacy product is not a long term solution.

Please make basic access to local files for playback an option in Roon 2.0.



Oh well… at least I’ll be ok because I can’t update to V2.0 until I update the OS on my Roon Core!



I will be always on - But when my Internet has an outage, I cannot use Roon anymore - so the local stuff gets more or less useless in such a situation.
I don’t care about the must be online (which is for other products as well) - But as everything is local, the Core should always run - even when there’s no Internet available.
I bought Roon as a Local Software - Not a Central Solution which requires Internet.
And I could not find much about security, when enabling ARC.


Prior to this summer I would have said that a constant-on internet service for Roon is not unreasonable. But twice in the last few months, we experienced AT&T internet outage for 6 hours or more each time.

I understand why Roon requires this but they are incredibly bright, innovative folks and I have to think they could come up with a way to temporarily allow local music playback without requiring the mothership. Is it a show-stopper? No, but it sure would be a great feature for those times when listening to music is far preferred over listening to the family bitch about the internet being out. :smiley:

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A post of mine from last year, congratulating Roon on being able to run offline. 1.8 was a stepback - images etc were no longer stored in the database, so it became a much less enjoyable experience using Roon while away. Roon 2.0 is clearly a no go. I will keep my laptop core as 1.8 so at least i can use it albeit without the “rich metadata experience”. But i have to add my +1 to those who are disappointed about offline fuctionality.
I would be very surprised if there is any going back however. Roon want subscribers, and those with big personal libraries, hefty cores and poor Internet access are certainly in the minority…


Please stay on-topic folks. Vote as you desire, but keep it in mind that this forum is not your soapbox.


I agree that this is a bit of a step backwards - however for the rare occasion when internet is down, I will look for other solutions to access and play my local files. JRiver comes to mind…

In my opinion, it’s a minor drawback in exchange for the huge added value of being able to access my library on the go.


Sorry I had to laugh reading your last sentence. I imagine similar thing would happen to me during that time :rofl:

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The key question is whether Roon (going forwards) can have both mobile access on the go and offline access at home. I don’t know the answer to this, but hope it’s a yes!


Plex can manage it. I mean, its music libraries aren’t nearly as full featured as Roon, but it seems pretty elementary that I can access media on a device on my local network regardless of how well the internet is working.


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