Make roon play local music files w/o internet access

This feature is not currently on the roadmap, but feel free to vote if you want.

Reopening this because it turns out closing it makes the forum software not allow voting either, which is not the intention.


Voted voted

Pleas bring it back… :wink:

Please bring make local files accessible without the Internet. My vote here.

Danny, By the way, Jamie got back to me asking for me details on my issue with accessing my NAS files using Legacy 1.8. Legacy 1.8 will not read my Synology NAS files. Just in case you respond and recommend for me to revert to Legacy 1.8.

By the way, is there any possible way to get hold of an spk file for DSM7 Synology which is the latest version prior to 2.0?, but not the Legacy version. Do you hold a directory of earlier releases of spk files?
Also, if I used that, will the 1.8 app work?

Voted. Please bring back the ability to play our music even without connection to external servers.

I vote for ROON playing without internet connection

Have you clicked the Vote button at the top of the thread? Just saying you vote for it in a post is not enough, you need to register your vote…

My bad. Got it.

Thank you

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I vote for ROON playing without internet connection

Even when online search might not work, filtering albums or artists based on the database should work.

Even Google phones and iPhones which are inherently online in nature still has an Airplane Mode and could work in Airplane Mode. Can you search things online when in Airplane Mode? No, at least not that I know of. But, you could still browse, search, open or read on a document that you already downloaded to the phone, and you could even work on a document and then synchronize later when the phones are back online. We need that Airplane Mode.

Thank you.

Roon mobile had 205 votes, making this the second most requested feature!


Since 2015 as well… and this request has only been occurring for 6 days!!

Will have to wait another 6-7 years as obviously it is just a fad that everyone must want now, because no users have ever had local files on their systems before have they??:joy::joy::joy:


If Roon will not change the always internet connectivity - I will move my lifetime membership to the bin!

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No permanent Internet for me, please!!!

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Please let roon work without permanent internet access.

167 votes, that’s too low, no? Shouldn’t we more around 1000s to make the feedback “we listened to you”?


we are a Roon-Partner with a highend-studio.
in our opinion it is a great disaster and fault.
how can it be, that it is not possibel to use your own music in your home without internet ???
who make this unbelievable fault ???
we will have many problems with our customers ;-(
I hope this problem will be fixed very fast !!

expectant greetings
ART&VOICE HighEnd-Systems Germany