Make Sort Orders Sticky

Please keep track of Sort Order settings on pages (Album, Artist, Composition, Tracks, etc), and use last setting – always. In particular, I’m finding that Album often reverts to Sort by Artist instead of my preferred Sort by Date Added.

And while I’m here, create shortcuts for the Library main menu items, six in total. Maybe other as well. All menu items would benefit.


I agree.
In fact, all settings should be sticky.
Which incidentally eliminates the need for setting defaults, in the Settings area.

After all, what does “sticky” mean? It means that the program remembers the state when… what happens? When the program is shut down. Or when the computer is shut down. But why does this matter? Because the state was held in memory, and this state is not persisted to disk. And why is this so? Disk memory is a hack because RAM is expensive, and not persistent. But what do I care? I tell the program what I want, e.g. sort order, and I expect it to remember. Why is “program shutdown” a significant event? If I am looking at Roon, and then divert my attention to the web browser, or to the TV, and then come back to Roon, what do I care what happened in the meantime? Did the program idle, or shut down? Did the computer idle, or shut down? Did the house power hum, or shut down? None of it matters. My music library remains. My sort order should remain too.

And remain across devices. Because the device doesn’t matter either. My music library and what I play is a thing. The device is ephemeral.

Kindle does this right. I read a book in one room, put the device down and go somewhere else, with a different device, and it remembers what I page I was on. Does it almost right, it asks if I want to move to the page on the new device, it shouldn’t. The device doesn’t matter.

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I must admit, when I read “after all, what does ‘sticky’ mean”, I thought, oh heavens, here we go on a magical carpet ride. :smile:

But, you came back to earth quickly and made the case elegantly.

Strange, that has never been an issue for me. The sort order have always been remembered for each category.

Well, I’ll be damned, so it does.
Didn’t used to.
Maybe they listened to me, maybe I can take credit for it :rofl:.

Your points about more things being sticky and reducing the need for settings dialogs that would end up rivalling “War and Peace” remain valid though.

To my sticky comrades above:

“Officer, I swear it was a UFO!” That’s what I’m feeling like right about now. :slight_smile:

So let me put it another way and then I’ll hush.

I have never ever preferred Sorting by Artist on the Album page. Not once. But I often call up that page, and there it is, Sorting by Artist. Not always but often.

You’ll doubtless want me to replicate and defend my claim. But I say “nay.” I’m tired; long day :disappointed_relieved: . And I see the tide of opinion moving against me.

When it happens again (and it will), I’ll try to remember the preceding events and report. Or maybe I’ll remember my first reception to the idea and then quietly reset the sort order. Again. Poor poor pitiful me.

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Hey, I was with you, I want that behavior and didn’t think Roon does it.
Now I was surprised.
Could investigate further.
Or just shrug and enjoy it.

Well, I’m sure you recognized that it was all in fun. Hope others did.

But IF, five years from now, you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, and the doctor says it was probably due to excessive mouse clicking on the computer, don’t come whining to me!


I always found it strange on the artist page, you select an artist and the sort order is Sort By Artist ! It’s already there.

I would go for Sort by Album Name for classical or Sort by Release Date for Rock etc

How do we define that ?


Nope, I’ve often experienced the same. Browse albums, change sort order, come back later and it’s back to the default. Could be the settings are per client for each user rather than universal for each user, never explored that.

I would also like it to remember the Sort Order. For me, it is within genres. The default is Sort by Artist. For my classical albums (like Mike), I’d like it to remember I prefer to sort by Album Name.

The absence of attention to details like this that significantly impact user experience ,and apparent disinterest in polishing out these rough edges in Roon is quite disappointing.

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My experience is that sort orders are remembered, but on a device-by-device basis. However, I am limited in the range of devices that I have. They are all Roon Remotes running on Windows, and there, the sort orders are remembered for each browser, for each device.

So perhaps there’s a bug lurking with some devices. Specific cases would help the devs to nail bugs.

I think it’s a bug. @mike ?

(I remember putting it once in Redmine but it got fixed and broken again maybe…)

My alleged experiences are on a MBP. Don’t have much screen time on my other remotes. HTH

My Roon Core is on a Mac Mini. I have a subgenera called Early Classical Chamber. If I navigate to it, select View all Albums, the default sort is by Artist. Now I select Sort by Album Title. This is how I want to see this. If I back out of this subgenre, go to another genre, then come back to Early Classical Chamber, the sort is back to the default (By Artist). I would like it to remember what I last selected for the sort.

It works exactly this way on my current generation 12" iPad.

If you need additional details to troubleshoot this, I’d be happy to provide.