Make user option to set "Play from here" the default Play button

I don’t always from from first track of an album. Every time you hit the BIG play button from a track it only plays that track unless you do to the dots and select “play from here”. Pls. make user option to change this so the app automatically play the rest of the album from the selected track. Every app on the planet plays the rest of the album…


Please no. Bluesound went down this route; they called it smartplay and by default it played the rest of the album. When they introduced it all hell broke loose and they quickly had to introduce an option to turn it off. Some people liked it, some didn’t. I don’t. If I pick a song from an album it’s because I want to hear that song, and not the rest of the album. As you say, you can always use the 3 dots if you do want to play from there.

There has been lots (and lots) of discussion about what should be the default option. Personally I like the way it is with all options clear and I know what’s happening.



judging by the posts asking how to achieve continuous playback from a selected track, there are two camps here. All I’m suggesting is to add the option for the user to select which he/she prefers. :slight_smile: