Making a 4+ source device for Control4

Hello all,

I have Control4 installed in my house and my rental properties. I would like to build a device that can stream multiple audio out (4+ sources, 6 ideally) via airplay to my Triad 16 channel amplifier. I currently use two Control4 controller’s which have 3 audio outs each (4 if I use HDMI to Audio RCA converter) but they are not cheap (new ones being £3000+) and doesn’t include the Amplifier.

Is it just a case of stacking a load of Pi’s, and Dac’s together with a 12V supply and some convertors to 5V?


Hi, I’ve gone through the same thing and there’s several ways you can do this in a C4 environment.

The easiest, is running Airbridge on your EA controllers. Roon would find each one as an airplay endpoint. (you would need 4 airbridge instances running for 4 zones - no PI’s required assuming your Roon source has wifi - i use a macmini).

The best sound will be from a non-Airplay direct physical connection. If you want 4 zones, get 4 PI’s with DAC heads and go into your C4 Matrix switch. This will then use each PI as a source.