Making albums displayed smaller on the screen

Is it still possible in Roon 1.8 as it was in the old version to make album art smaller on the screen so as to display more albums at the same time? Would like to do so on a PC, and iMac as well as on an iPad using Roon Remote


I would like to know this too. I am only getting 10 albums per screen on a 10.5” iPad Pro. Would be much nicer to have a choice. Or even pinch to zoom like JRemote has got. Have I missed a setting somewhere?

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Also I would like to know this too.


I don’t think so. I’ve had a good look through all the settings in the hope that I’ll be able to shrink the albums and fit a few more on the screen … didn’t find anything :frowning:

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yes please!
Make Albums smaller! In 1.7 I could see 24 Albums on a macbook-pro. now i can only display 12.
The continuous scrolling instead of page-per-page scrolling lost much of the structure-aesthetics. It feels more confusing now.

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Me, too, please.

I read this entire thread and although this question has been asked a number of times, I was unable to find an answer. Does anyone know where the Show More Albums setting is? Thanks.

@Dave_Richardson I don’t believe it is there anymore.

In version 1.7…

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They removed it.

I have paid for a lifetime subscription and this loss of smaller album covers is unacceptable, as is the large amount of useless blank space above the albums. I purchased a new iPad Pro optimised for Roon to maximise the viewable albums, which is also now redundant. I’m sorry but what a poor design change by Roon.


Does anyone know how to revert to 1.7?

As it’s unacceptable, perhaps you can transfer your lifetime subscription to someone else. Have you checked on this with Roon?

Smaller artwork would be nice as well.

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I’m unsure as to whether that is a fatuous response, of whether I am not permitted to disagree with the changes. This community is here to serve all viewpoints and I suppose Roon will decide what direction to take. I posted here to explain my view to them, of an otherwise superb product that I have built my whole system around. Thank you.

When you say something is unacceptable, that implies (to me anyway) that you can no longer use the product until/unless it is changed to your liking. I would suggest it is not unacceptable, but it is desirable to see more albums. But, maybe you can’t use Roon as is, IDK.


Thanks for responding Jim although I do believe the redundant space plus loss of smaller album art and consequent reduction in screen content is an unacceptable change. It is retrograde to the USP of Roon which in my humble view is all about the user experience of broad and deep access to music and associated content.

To me, unacceptable would be that Roon will no longer play music on my system.

But, as I posted above, I would like a way to toggle between more, smaller albums and less, larger albums.


Happy to disagree Jim - there aren’t too many public places left where debate is valued!

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Honest question here, not trying to be provocative. While I agree that the open space at the top is esthetically not the most pleasant, couldn’t you just very easily scroll past it? Likewise for the objection re: the number of albums of the screen – isn’t the answer a combination of search + scroll? Most of our collections are big enough that seeing 15 vs 25 albums at a time is not a significant difference in terms of finding the content we’re looking for.

Sorry, just curious to understand the way others use the main screens. Personally I spend most of my time in Albums (hardly ever use Home) and I’m now scrolling down a bit to see more albums mostly to enjoy the view :slight_smile: However for the practical aspect of finding music to listen to, I head for the search box…