Making albums displayed smaller on the screen

It’s not a big deal for me, but if I type in BEAT, I would like to jump to the Beatles and see more than 12 of their albums. But again, not a big deal for me. As a matter of fact, I only see 6 albums because I have both a Tidal and Qobuz version of every album (almost).

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Fair question Miguel and my answer would that it is both unnecessary and a backwards step. Previously one could instantly view more albums or content and then explore further through more viewable information. I found my exploration of music and content (including Tidal) through Roon has increased my knowledge and appreciation of new music 100 fold. Of course mine is just one view and I am sure the user experience is different for others.

Thanks Jim and that is interesting as it is the polar opposite for me. I generally don’t search but rather explore music, composers, genres, history, through the content hyperlinks, and by browsing and saving TIDAL albums also. I do have a fair amount of music on a server too which I will occasionally search for old favourites.

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I almost always start the morning with an album I like based on my mood. When that finishes, I let Roon Radio take me on a journey. If it goes astray, as it sometimes does, I start the process over. But usually, by then, I’m ready for something entirely different. Along the way, I usually hear something I want to link to my library, at which time I find the highest resolution available on Tidal and Qobuz.


I suppose that’s in the eye of the beholder.

But if the change is in fact unacceptable, as you say, and seeing as there is no way to roll back to a different version, I would be happy to take on your lifetime subscription for you. Of course, perhaps you were only making a fatuous observation.

Thank you Bill but my observation was genuine, and it would appear to be one commonly made by a substantial number of Roon users elsewhere in this forum. I hadn’t realised when I joined this particular thread that it was already being discussed so much elsewhere.

Can we shrink or change the size of the albums in the “Album” view to allow more to show? We had this feature in 1.7 but I don’t see it in 1.8 and I’d like to fit more than 2 giant rows of albums in my view. I also preferred the left to right scroll instead of top to bottom, this is helpful since most monitors are wide screen instead of square to square. This seemed like a downgrade to me and not an upgrade.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Is there a way in 1.8 to reduce the size of the cover art in album view? I used to be able to see something like 30 albums per page in 1.7, now I get 2.5 rows of 5 albums a page which makes it a pain to scroll through finding stuff. The setting to reduce album cover size seems to have vanished.



Just started using Roon 1.8 for the first time and the first thing I noticed and frankly hate is that so little albums are displayed in album display. Also the option to jump in the list using the small dots seem to have disappeared. The scrolling is anything but smooth as well, very jerky which indicates poor performance/programming.

90% of my time I’m in album view, the other 10% in playlist view and there too there’s less information. Using a 12.9” iPad Pro and it’s a complete waste now for using Roon.

Optimistically I initially thought,well there must be an option to resize but could not find it so searched this community and found this thread.

I’m actually surprised how much this “pisses me off”. Lifetime user, was this not the case I would not have renewed.

Not even going to politely ask for an option to resize, too angry for that. Thanks a lot Roon for destroying my preferred way of using your product and user experience!! :rage:

Edit; to be fair I did just find out there’s a scroll indicator which allows us to scroll faster through a list. This is actually better than the dots in previous versions. Now please stop wasting my expensive ‘screen real estate’…

In case you want to add your feedback:
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