Making multiple libraries visible and/or selectable in some way

I’m using multiple libraries stored on several storage paths in my network. For example one with my digitized Vinyl albums, one with my ripped CD’s and one with ‘specials’ where I store unique radio-fragments. It would be nice to have Roon UI show only one of the libraries or search through only one of them. I can now only search through all of them, or am I overlooking some feature? If not, I think it would be a noce future feature of Roon.

You can create your own tags (i.e. Vinyl, Ripped, Fragments) for things (albums, tracks) to create your own libraries. Select Tags from the upper left hamburger and after clicking on My Tags and you will find a Create New Tag + to add your tags. These tags can then be added to what you want through the usual edit procedures (a reminder that you can select multiple objects to edit at once). Then choosing Tags again will display your tags and clicking on one will display just the objects that you have tagged with that tag, i.e. just the library defined by that tag.

If each “library” is assigned to its dedicated storage location, then I would use the disable function on the storage location to accomplish this. Otherwise you’re going to end up with everything showing up in search etc.

From Album view: Focus>Inspector>Storage Location. You can toggle on/off the view of any of those storage locations. Then Bookmark each location with your boomark descriptor. You then have a dynamic view of each storage location without having to tag anything

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Thanks for the tips! Scott G’s reply was exactly what I was looking for! Consider my feature request as fulfilled! :slight_smile:

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