Making Roon my primary music management tool - switching from iTunes

OK folks.

I’m very impressed with Roon and am definitely considering taking the plunge, but in doing so I would want to be able to totally ditch iTunes and make Roon my sole music management and editing tool.

I have three questions that I couldn’t immediately find straight questions to in the user guide:

  1. Does in matter of I do the ‘management’ activities on either to Core or Remote machines? My core machine is a Mac Mini linked to my main system via USB DAC, but I would normally do editing type activities on a desk-based iMac, which is a remote machine. Does this matter?

  2. My Music is in very tidy folders with good tagging. To ditch iTunes, should I simply remove the selection of iTunes as a source and just map the relevent folder location directly as a watched location?

  3. Is that a particular mode or view in Roon which is best suited to file/meta data managment?

Thanks in advance for your help


  1. No
  2. Yes (keep iTunes in place in case you have a change of heart)
  3. Metadata management (espeically in bulk) is generally regarded as clunky right now within Roon. It’s fair to say it’s best to leave Roon to identify your library (which is does remarkably well) then do a bit of mild tweaking with the interface afterwards. However, my understanding is there is a lot of work in progress to make 1.3 better in this regard.

I second @anon55914447’s answer regarding your second question. You may realize later that iTunes is still useful. In my case, I use it mostly for podcast.

Also, if you do not want all iTunes files appearing in Roon, just set the file “Music” from your iTunes Media as watched. Hence you will be able to enjoy Roon and still use iTunes if needed.

You can also set more than one watched folder with Roon, which is exactly what I do for all my FLAC for which iTunes is useless.