Making Roon read and apply a Roon backup

Roon Server Machine

iMac 2015

Description of Issue

I moved my library medium to a different machine and want to use the Roon Backup from my former setup on this machine. When I installed Roon on the core machine, I configured it to install the Roon Server there. The remote Roon on my laptop will connect to the Roon Server on the iMac.
Then, I wanted to point Roon to the Roon Backup, but instead Roon catalogued the music files without chance of using the backup. This version now lacks all the predefined labels, playlists, and play counts that I defined earlier.
How can I make Roon on the core machine to read and apply my backup at this stage?

Did you follow the instructions ?

Asking because after doing all the preparation and then starting Roon for the first time on the new server, you should get this screen with the option to Restore a backup instead of logging in:

Now that you are beyond that, it may work to go to Roon > Settings > Backups > Find Backups, then restore from there. But I am not sure if the outcome is really the same this way. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Otherwise, you could always uninstall the new server and delete all new Roon database etc folders, then start from scratch on the new machine and restore the backup from the first screen as above

Right. I am following your instructions. The crucial text is really invisible to peripheral vision…

Yeah, I think so, too. Should be more prominent.

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