Making Tidal files my primary version

Hello Forum,

is there any way to make the Tidal songs automatically my primary version?

I have several albums ripped as FLAC, sadly every single file i ripped over the years with Exact Audio Copy or similar sounds worse than the tidal file. So I would like to keep the harddisc flacs as a backup, in times when I don’t have an internet connection and as a resource for roon suggestions and radio. Is this possible?

Hi Alex,

I don’t think there’s an automatic way of doing this.

However, go to Albums Browser and click Focus. Then select Format and check Tidal. The select Inspector and check Hidden.

This will show all the Tidal albums that are Hidden, meaning there’s a ripped Flac that’s Primary.

Anyway, click each Tidal album displayed, select the Version tab and then click Make Primary next to the Tidal version.

Cheers, Greg