Malfunction-Roon skips from one track to the next instantly!

Hi - I’ve never posted and I am very untechnical. I see that some other people have had a similar problem. I have had Roon since June and haven’t had this problem. I have the Sonictransporter as a server and microrendu as a player and KEF speakers with built-in DAC. Help! My Roon no longer functions!

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As this has been a stable system … it possible something has gotten into a bad state. So the first thing to try is to reboot the SonicTransporter and also power the speakers off and back on.


I had a similar problem and almost posted a note here, but then realized that my Tidal subscription had lapsed and the album I was trying to play was a Tidal album. Doh! Hoping you’re not making the same mistake I did, but the skipping of each track was the same symptom.

Hi @Aaronburr ----- Thank you for the report and sorry for the troubles.

Based on this feedback it sounds like your are experiencing audio dropouts during playback which would cause the application to skip from one track to the next. The most typical causes of this behavior, as we have documented in our knowledge base, are usually tied to either a networking problem or failing equipment. As an example we had a user who was experiencing dropouts and it ended up being a failing drive in their NAS which was causing all sorts of playback problems.

With the above in mind, would you kindly please expand on the details of your setup as seen here. Furthermore, a description of your network configuration/topology along with information regarding any networking hardware you may be implementing would be greatly appreciate it!