Managing, "hiding" versions of songs and more. What are some best practices?

I’ll soon be using roon on tryout and want to maximize my understanding of some good ways to re-organize primarily my stored content. (I do not yet subscribe to a streaming service.) I’m coming from a clean iTunes library, and yes I understand that roon does not care where things are stored or how.

I’ll have some multiples of songs because they came from different releases. Sometimes the files are functionally identical, other times they will be “better copies” of the originals etc. It’s kind of the classic conundrum of having 5 albums plus a “greatest hits” because the latter has that one song you wanted that didn’t appear elsewhere.

Now additionally consider the library will be shared in one household where each person doesn’t actually want to SEE the weird stuff the other users have.

Some choices:

  1. Begin purging, regardless of software. CDs and LPs may be sold, so why not delete stale files and be done with it. Life’s too short, don’t look back. Create a new “album” of what remains.

  2. Thank like a photographer: Create or fake-create another library (?) of the mostly-unused variants (so, keep them “just in case.” roon basically only sees the “selects” afterwards.

  3. Keep everything but spend time with whatever metadata features roon has, to effect something similar to #1 or #2 above.