Managing huge Grateful Dead collections with Roon and Media Monkey

I have a huge collection of Grateful Dead music (and other bands) that is managed through Media Monkey. The Dead have put out a huge volume of music themselves (official) as well as all the live stuff I’ve collected over the years. I rip the CDs into Media Monkey and then look for them in Roon. I’ve been noticing that some albums, or parts of albums, do NOT show up in Roon. I also use a BluOS Node 2 for my multi-room distribution and that app (Bluesound) does not have the same problem. When I rip the music into Media Monkey and update the Music Library in Bluesound, it’s all there. I have a 2 channel room that I use a PS Audio Dreamplayer and Directstream to either play CDs or selections from my NAS.
I also know the official Grateful Dead releases (usually 3-4 disks per release unless it’s a boxed set with several shows—think Europe '72 which consisted of 22 shows with 2-4 disks per show!) are not always named the exact same thing.
Does anyone have ideas how to manage this?

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