Managing "My Album" View

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NEC XG-100NE - Ethernet (10G Base-T) - iMac 2020, macOS 12.0.1,

Connected Audio Devices

NAIM NDX2 / UnitiCore — all connected via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000+ tracks / 2000+ CDs

Description of Issue

I would like a capability of grouping some CDs under one heading in “My Album” section of the software.

I understand I can merge CDs but the problem is the information of respective CDs get lost when individually releasedCDs are merged. For instance, I have many “Masters of Jazz” CDs that chronicle all works of one respective artist in some CDs. Since these are individually released CDs covering the work of respective year/period of the same artist, each one shows up by itself with all correct information, although the cover is almost identical, taking some 10 spaces or more in “My Albums” display. If I merge all of them as “Masters of Jazz - Artist Name from xxxx to xxxx” or something similar, all track information gets lost cause Roon automatically update all these with non-existing boxed set — track titles may remain sometimes but that’s about all left. (I need to assign Disc Number respectively using “Fix Track Grouping” since all of them have Disc 1. And I see changing Disc Numbers in this case would mean automatic loss of the information.)

Is there any work around to manage this situation? In a sense, I am looking for a way to put these individual CDs in to a kind of folder that shows up as one entry in “My Albums”.

Seeing similar entries in more than one rows of “Albums” is annoying, especially when you scroll through thousands of entires. I’ve mentioned the case of “Master of Jazz” but this applies to any individually released series of CDs such as “Super Hits of the 60s”, etc. etc.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @Kazunori_Sugiyama,

Thanks for sharing what you’re trying to achieve in Roon — we’re glad to talk about it, albeit three weeks later. We’re sorry about the trouble :pensive:

There are at least two ways that come to mind to achieve what you’re looking for:

  1. On your albums tab (on the left side menu) you can use the Focus feature to narrow down the albums in your library according to the criteria you are looking for (e.g. all the jazz albums that you’d like in a Masters of Jazz folder). You can select a number of criteria by swiping left and right to get there:

Once you have the view that you want, you can bookmark it, so you can easily access it later.

  1. Using tags. You could tag the albums you want grouped together with the same tag (e.g. Masters of Jazz) and you will find all of them together in a folder-like view in the Tags tab under My Stuff:

I hope you can explore these two options to see if they work for you :nerd_face:

Thanks for your reply Rebeka.

I did know all these before writing. Unfortunately that is not what I am looking for.

These are somewhat of “Search”. I don’t need to see them separated or shown by themselves without everything else — this is important.

I do want to see ALL my CDs under Albums. I simply want save the space/listing as much as I can. Series of the releases by a same musician is best to be shown under one heading — this is how it is for a multiple CD boxed set but not if they are release as individually.

In other words, I do not want to see ALL of Master of Jazz releases. I want to see Master of Jazz releases by ONE specific artist ONE listing in “Albums” without doing anytning.

Hope you understand my point. Thanks.

Hi Kazunori,

Not official support. There is no way to create folders in the album view. I would suggest searching the Feature Request section and either adding your vote if such a request already exists, or, adding a new feature request.