Managing Roon from a win desktop

I am a fairly new user. I am running Roon with a SMG transporter as core, and a Galaxy tab s3 control device. Things are generally okay, but I would like to do some edits of the database (correcting multi-disc albums etc.). It would be much more convenient to do from my desktop system (Win 7x64) than the tablet.

The windows package appears to include everything, including the core. Will installing it cause problems with my current system? I do not want to change the location of the functioning core - I just want access to the existing roon system through the control interface.

I half expect that the install package checks for the existence of Roon on the network to avoid duplication, but it is simpler to ask first rather than to try to undo a mess.


When you install it you can choose it to be a controller only or a core and controller. Just choose the controller.

Absolutely correct. I have my Roon core running on a Windows 10 computer and Roon controllers running on several other Windows 10 computers. I can fully edit my Roon database when using Roon on any of the Windows 10 computers that are just running Roon as a controller.

One thing to note: you will have to allow the Windows 10 computer that is running the Roon controller to have access to the files on your Roon core if you find that you need edit the files themselves, e.g. retag or rename or move, etc.

Thanks for clearing that up. I installed roon on my desktop and specified that I only wanted to control the core installation on the SGC transporter. I then began the first round of edits.

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