Manfred's Mangled

After typing ‘Manfred’ in to search for Tchaikovsky’s symphony by the same name, Roon returned the following list:

[The actual list spills over to a second page, showing 10 total performances.]

A visual inspection shows that only one performance is a partial one, the Goosens with 9:08 minutes.

What’s the mangle? Now when I turn on “Complete Performances Only”, only two performances appear:

So Roon considers eight of the performances to be incomplete, when in fact only one is incomplete.


Hi @John_V

My apologies for the delayed response. As always, we appreciate the heads up here. We’ll take a look at how this information is reflected on our metadata providers’ side and see what we can do! Please understand that we can’t make any promises regarding a timeline for corrections when coordinating with our metadata providers.