Manual audio device configuration


I’m using an iphone for audio output.
when the iphone is remotely connected to my network via L2 VPN, the core cannot discover the iphone although they are both on the same network.
because of iphone VPN API limitation to forward broadcast/multicast packets.

is it possible to manually configure an audio device IP address at the core as an alternative to the IGMP based auto-discovery?

auto-discovery works well with Android connected via VPN, but as I’m sure you are aware, Roon does not play bit-perfect on Android.

I would be happy with any solution allowing a pure stream of bits via VPN so I can use Roon on the go, especially in my car -

  1. manual audio device configuration (for iphone) ; OR
  2. bit-perfect playback on Android.


I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a topic for the Tinkering forum, so I moved there. If that’s not the correct place, someone can move it again, but I don’t think it’s a topic for Roon Support. If I’m wrong, someone please move it back. Thanks.

Can the iPhone see the Core? And can you see the iPhone from Settings > Audio? You won’t see the iPhone from Zones on other Control devices unless you disable Private Zone under Device Settings.

I have no problem running both VPN and Roon on my iPhone XS [when connected to my home network.]

If you’re trying to connect when you’re out and about I suspect you might be out of luck:

But take a look at the following thread for further info:

thanks! - Softether VPN is the only solution that actually works with current Roon implementation and iOS.
Native L2TP in iphone supports all L2 VPN capabilities.

Softether VPN server seems to not work on macOS 10.5.5, so I had to install Win 10 VM and bridge it with macOS internet NIC.

Softether NAT Traversal feature doesn’t “penetrates” every firewall, so I needed to configure port forwarding on the router for ipsec UDP ports 500 & 4500.

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