Manual disc reorganization

I don’t understand much about how Roon organizes disc metadata, and have seriously screwed up the entries for one multi-disc set trying to make use of it. Like the Supreme Court, though, I figured the best thing was to wait until I had a specific question whose solution would help me grasp the principles. So I’m coming in with a very specific question in hopes that I’ll be able to extrapolate from the answer.

After my wife and I watched the movie Baby Driver, I brought home a CD of the two-disc soundtrack. The R.E.M. song “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1,” used at a key moment in the film, isn’t included. Happily, I have a copy of the R.E.M. CD where it appears, so I’d like to duplicate the file, change its metadata, relocate it inside the Baby Driver directory, and (if necessary) renumber the subsequent tracks so that “our” version of the soundtrack contains this track.


What’s the best way to accomplish this mission? (Please be as detailed as you want, because as I say, I seem to have permanently loused up some other song files trying to reorganize them.) And ancillary question: I assume that in a year, or two or three, I’ll screw something up and end up rebuilding my music database from scratch, either because I’ll replace a heard drive, or break the host computer, or something. Is there a good way for me to futureproof this customized track list?

Could you not just make a playlist of the album and relevant tracks that are not included, then Tag it.
Just a thought as I’ve never tried this.

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Scheduled Backups are your friend.

As for your main question - I think there’s several ways to skin the cat (including Chris’ idea, and the “Merge Album” function).