Manually add Sonos zone by IP address

I’ve just started my Roon trial and this is the only thing I can’t figure out so far.

My Roon core and Roon control are running on computers on my “Internal” VLAN, and my Sonos devices are on my “Guest” VLAN. I allow SMB traffic from Sonos devices on Guest to Internal so that Sonos can see my iTunes library on the file server (where Roon core is also running). Unsurprisingly, Roon cannot “discover” the Sonos devices automatically since they are on different networks. So how do I add an output device directly by IP address? I can easily add a firewall rule to allow any Roon core/control device to connect to any Sonos device. Thanks!

Roon Servers and devices all need to be in the same subnet.

I was afraid of that. It seems I have two practical options: 1) Move Sonos devices to the internal network; 2) Buy a dedicated Roon server for the guest network. Neither option is tremendously appealing at this time, so perhaps Roon isn’t for me. We’ll see if I change my mind on option 2 by the end of the trial period. :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can have two subnets if you use ROCK.
One for the LAN and a different one for WiFi.
My endpoints are all wired, but I have 3 Sonos Play:1’s and a Sonos Connect on WiFi.
Although my LAN and WiFi are bridged, Roon did not see the Sonos endpoints.
Since I’m running ROCK I have all my endpoints visible in Roon, wired and wireless.

If I understand correctly, you have two interfaces on your ROCK server–one wired, one wireless. Thus, it can communicate with devices on both networks. I assume I could do the same on my non-ROCK server by enabling its wireless interface and connecting to the Guest wireless network that my Sonos devices are on. This would defeat the purpose of having my file server on a trusted network and my IoT type devices on an untrusted network. But I appreciate the suggestion. Thanks!

To my knowledge it is only possible in ROCK.