Manually correct ungrouped classical work in TIDAL album?

Is there any possibilty to group a classical work which has not been identified as such on a TIDAL album?

An example is shown in the attached screenshot. There, some included compositions are correctly identified whereas others are not.

Not in this case I believe.
Normally one can fiddle with the track names, or merge with other compositions to get round this.
However, in this case the Mahler symphonies on this album have not been identified as a composition (the 3 dots edit for the tracks do not have go to composition). This means you are stymied from the start.

If you unidentify the album, and manually add Mahler as the composer for those tracks, Roon correctly identifies the symphony.

This is a metadata problem and I’ll move the post there.

Hi @Shibumi, we are looking into this.

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