Manually edit unidentified albums / become identified

Hi! I am very new to Roon, so forgive me of this request is unnecessary. My inner perfectionist is unhappy with how „unidentified“ works. I now accepted that some albums will never be in a database, e.g obscure German 80s punk bands. So I’ll just Tag them (tag „obscure German 80s Punk“) and would like to move on, and get them out of my unidentified folder. There seems no way to do so. Wouldn’t it be great to have a feature box to tick like „checked in database, tag added“ and then have this album out of that category? Thanks for your thoughts.

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I have a tag I call “pointless”. These are given to albums where no possible match exists.

When I focus on “unidentified”, I also subtract those with the “pointless” tag, leaving me with a set of “unidentified, yet hopefully identified” albums.


Nice workaround, thanks! However, I feel a software like Roon, which clearly is geared towards the enthusiast and perfectionist crowd, should have a way to get rid of the label “unidentified”. Hope someone from Roon reads this and would give me their perspective.

Some masking tape perchance? :slightly_smiling_face:

Most of my “unidentified” albums are truly identified with respect to its compositions and major credits. But still, that “badge of shame” shines on, a constant reminder of your library’s inferiority.

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Exactly. Cannot sleep until this is solved.

And I have albums I purposely keep unindentified.

If I may ask, why is that? What is the advantage?

Mainly Opera and for its inherent groupings of Act/Scene which is usually 100% screwed up when the opera is identified. Left unidentified, Roon will pick up the grouping queues from my files track titles and display it like I want. While I could go and use Work/Part, I don’t feel like spending the time to add fields to hundreds of tracks. Especially, when even if Identified, not much information or reviews are there anyway.

Ah I see, makes sense. Wouldn’t it be nice though, to have it kind of checked as a final insertion into the library, instead of having it as an open task list (that is how I see my unidentified albums - stuff to take care off)? Thx

The difference is that I don’t see it as a task which has to be done. I see it as status information.

If I understand you correctly some albums have no artwork and possibly no individual album song names or album title. Is this what you mean as untagged? If so seems two option exist that I know of. First run a program like “mp3tag”, which is freeware, and tag and attach artwork. When Roon looks at it again it will show up all tagged. The other option is to Edit the album through Roon’s editing feature. I think this second option is not as quick, efficient or as complete as using the freeware program. In either case you need to provide the information you want to the tag you are interested in. Roon will automate this process if the album is identified in their database, however if it isn’t then it is up to you to program the knowledge and labor.

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All of this is true, but it won’t necessarily mean that the album becomes identified in Roon. Without identification, I’m not sure if tracks are included in Radio, Discover, what have you.

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That is also my experience - even using Tagr (the Mac equivalent to Mp3tag), some CDs remain unidentified. Things got much better after buying SongKong, which seems to inject data so that Roon can handle more CDs. But even after all of this, around 300 CDs are still not fixable for Roon (but I admit, they are not that mainstream).

This has not been my experience, “mp3tag” works nicely with Roon. The issues I still run across are compilation CDs, and multi disc set CDs. Compilations are split up many times and unidentified. My solution has been to give the “Album Artist” and “Artist” a common name through retagging in mp3tag. With multi disc sets that are not pulled together as one album with disc tabs I have joined them using Roons editing feature. This has been successful 90% of the time but not always.