Manually group TIDAL tracks into works and parts?

Is there any way to tag TIDAL tracks in the Roon database as WORK or PART so that I can manually group them into works by parts like I can do quite easily with my local files? Local file method described here:

Roon Knowledge Base - File Tag Best Practice

I am 99.9% certain the answer is “No”, but I have to ask anyway, just in case there is some manipulation of Tags and Track Grouping that I haven’t found yet that will do it.

If the answer is indeed “No”, does anyone besides me think it might be worth a feature request?

No, Work and Part are edited at the actual file level. Roon does not, as of yet, expose those tags for direct editing in Roon. This has already been asked for by others who would rather do the editing of local files in Roon rather than a 3rd party editor. If you want, search the Feature Requests threads, and add your voice and use case to the existing request.