Manually identify an album with the MusicBrainz release ID

I understand that Roon uses to identify albums, but I have encountered several occasions where I cannot find the album when I use the “Identify album” function. I have the release ID. Why not enter it directly or read it from the metadata (I use Jaikoz, so I am sure that the MusicBrainz album ID is there) instead of scrolling pages of album covers and trying to match the number of tracks?
Is there a way to do this?

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If the album ID isn’t registered for a release, the album cannot be identified. The easiest way to handle this is to use the ripper software to submit the ID to Musicbrainz. These edits are usually accepted automatically.

Yes, you are right. I meant release ID

I bought this album (FLAC) online and completed the metadata with jaikoz.

I am pretty sure that this album is:

And it would be much easier to just tell Roon that it is the release id: fe828afd-88df-46bb-b575-0095eaa866dd

If Jaikoz can’t identify the release using Musicbrainz, the best approach is to submit the disk ID to Musicbrainz, and then rescan the disk. Doing this will pull all of the correct release information from Musicbrainz, and the release will be identified correctly in Roon.

If Jaikoz doesn’t have submit feature you can use Picard. I use DBPowerAmp and SoundJuicer, and both have the submit feature.

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Thanks @Martin_Webster I will try that procedure. It makes sense.

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